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RV City is looking for more downtown nightlife
Added By: Sally Fielding

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Georgia-Florida college football game week, hundreds of people live in RV City, and according to reports by First Coast News, the popular Florida tradition is looking for more nightlife.

Many say while they are there, there are no businesses to go to at night. "This is our 12th year,” says Richard Dean. RV City is literally a city inside of downtown Jacksonville. Because the RV's are parked, everyone gets around in their golf carts.

"There is really nothing down here and if you try to go to the Landing in your golf cart that is not gonna happen," says Dean.

Living in RV City is a family tradition for Dean, but he says there is one flaw. "We are here in RV city so there really is nothing other than what we have here."

Dean says in the past, the only thing near the stadium has been abandoned buildings. "We are definitely planning for a very big day on Saturday and we will have all hands on deck,” says Riley Leuthold with Intuition Ale Works.

Intuition Ale Works just moved into the area and it's already been a hot spot on Jaguars game days. "The goal for us is to be a draw when events are not going on near us. So we ourselves can be a draw and bring people to this neighborhood and spur development and gain interest from other investors to the unoccupied buildings."

Dean says Intuition is a great start but more business needs to move to the sports complex area. "All that land here by the stadium we are hoping that eventually they are going to build it up and things are going to happen,” says Dean.

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